Moran Transportation's EV At The 2016 Green Drive Conference and Expo!

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An all-electric Orange EV yard tractor owned and operated by Moran Transportation Corporation takes about 6 hours to recharge and gets used about 20 hours a day. Robert Petzold, Moran's VP, says its costs $5 worth of electricity per day to run its all-electric tractor. By comparison, the company's two diesel-fired yard tractors burn one to 2.5 gallons of diesel per hour of operation.

The 2016 Green Drives Conference and Expo - the fifth such annual event co-hosted by the Chicago, Wisconsin and South Shore Clean Cities groups - displayed a wide variety of alternatively-powered trucks and cars at the Northern Illinois University (NIU) Conference Center in Naperville, IL. Over 200 fleet managers representing commercial, government, and municipal operations, along with vehicle suppliers, fuel providers, and clean energy experts attended the one-day event to get a hands-on look at some of the latest technologies being deployed in the alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) arena. (All photos by Sean Kilcarr/Fleet Owner)